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Visual Inspections

Visual Inspections (VIP)​

Hawaiian Diving Adventures

SCUBA and SCBA cylinders must be handled with care, never overfilled, and not dropped or otherwise abused. Annually, or even more often with frequent use, all scuba cylinders should receive a Visual Inspection following proper “VIP” (Visual Inspection Procedures). This process involves a thorough inspection of the cylinder’s condition both inside and out, and helps ensure that the tank is safe to fill and safe to use.
We will not fill any tank that has not had a visual inspection within the last twelve months, or if we suspect that the cylinder is unsafe to fill.
Please contact us to arrange cylinder drop-offs at 808-232-3193.


There are specific federal requirements and manufacturer guidelines that govern visual inspection of high pressure cylinders. As per DOT (Dept of Transportation) and PHMSA (Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration) guidelines, we follow PSI/PCI as well as SDI/TDI standards of visual inspections.


An annual VIP inspection is $25. This service includes an updated VIP sticker and an air fill.

Service Time

We typically complete hydrostatic inspections within two weeks, although our schedule can vary by season and demand. On the day you drop off your cylinder, we can let you know approximately when your cylinder will be available for pickup. We will call you on the day it is ready, and advise you of any issues we may have discovered.

Valve Rebuilds

Many divers neglect their tank valves and don’t service them until there is a problem. We recommend servicing your tank valve with each Hydrostatic Test (“hydro”). If your cylinder valve was not serviced with your latest hydro, or you do not know if it was, we can easily perform this service during a VIP. Some older valves do not have o-rings, or if you have an older valve with o-rings, we recommend upgrading to the newer kits that use Teflon washers instead of o-rings. Tank valve services and prices depend on your type of cylinder valve and its condition.

Eddy-Current Testing

We use Eddy-Current testing (also known as “eddy testing” or ECT) to detect sustained-load cracking (SLC) in aluminum alloy cylinders. All aluminum alloy 6351-T6 tanks require Eddy-Current Testing at least every five years. However, all aluminum SCUBA and SCBA cylinders manufactured after 1990 do not use aluminum alloy 6351-T6. We generally recommend annual Eddy-Testing for all aluminum alloy 6351-T6 tanks. Steel tanks or tanks made from aluminum alloy 6061 do not require Eddy Testing.

At this time, we no longer do Eddy-Current Testing