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Company History​

Hawaiian Diving Adventures


Our company history began as two guys with a dive boat, mostly running charter boat seats for independent instructors. Over the years, we became the best scuba operation diving in Oahu. We have the best safety record in Hawaii, specializing in smaller groups, excellent classes, and fun, spacious charters.


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We partnered with American Cylinder and Safety to open our dive shop and warehouse. Hawaiian Diving Adventures now had an official headquarters! American Cylinder filled and serviced all of our tanks, and now we had a place to store our rental gear.

We continued to take people diving, offering direct bookings, and somewhere along the way became the most recommended dive shop in Oahu Revealed, the premier tourist guidebook for Oahu. We had no idea we were being evaluated, as Oahu Revealed is very secretive about their evaluation processes. Obviously, we are quite proud of this special honor!


In 2015, we bought American Cylinder and Safety, their compressors, and all of their equipment and tanks. With the Bauer compressor and Nitrox system, we started filling dive tanks for a number of other dive companies on Oahu. We also started providing additional services of inspecting dive cylinders and hydrostatic testing.


Thanks to our expansion, 2016 was a major turning point. Our dive business really took off and we made many improvements to our dive shop. We also built up our staff to better streamline our processes and improve our dive trips.


Our dive boat went into dry-dock for routine maintenance and our semi-annual Coast Guard inspection. We also gave her several extensive upgrades to make her more comfortable, and make the diving even easier.kilikina boat in drydock


The boat dry-docked again in 2019 for maintenance and another successful Coast Guard inspection. We also put a new paint job on the hull, and gave the Kilikina all new hull identification numbers and stickers.


What a crazy year! Due to rules set down by the City and County of Honolulu and the State of Hawaii, we sat idle for six months. This gave us time to revise our courses and develop several professional tracks. Luckily, no one at HDA was directly impacted by COVID-19, but we all have friends who were. Our hearts go out to the families of those who were lost.


We made it through the lockdowns! All of our crew are vaccinated as we move forward. Kilikina underwent a massive refit project. She has new engines and her jets were rebuilt. She is a whole new boat at this point! We continue to build our training programs and introduce new leadership and instructor courses.

For the last few years, Hawaiian Diving Adventures have been flourishing. We hired new staff for the commercial dive tank fill and delivery service, and also added several new divemasters and dive instructors. Several of our instructors have been with us for years now, the boat is in great shape, and we have more customers than ever. Things are going great here on Oahu and we continue to improve and expand our operations.

We look forward to another great year on the ocean and hope to dive with you soon!